InShot 20220920 161521153 Tiffany Haddish Has NOT SETTLED The Lawsuit With Children Over ‘Comedy’ Video!!

Tiffany Haddish and the two alleged victims who sued her for sexual assault have NOT reached a settlement deal to block the public from seeing the original complaint, despite what other media reports are claiming, Media Take Out confirmed.

Tiffany and the accusers have ONLY agreed to “seal” the original lawsuit, which showed the name and images of her accusers.

According to court documents reviewed by Media Take Out, the comedian and the two accusers suing her and Aries Spears worked out the agreement privately – to seal the case.

Media Take Out confirmed that as of the time of publishing, NO SETTLEMENT has been reached with regards to the claims in the lawsuit, however. Reports of a settlement, which are being shared across social media are inaccurate.

Here’s what happened. Tiffany’s legal team moved the case from state court to federal court and in doing so, court officials temporarily sealed the complaint because it contained several photographs of a minor in an undressed state.

Screen Shot 2022 08 29 at 7.18.38 AM Tiffany Haddish Has NOT SETTLED The Lawsuit With Children Over ‘Comedy’ Video!!
Aries Spears

The new judge asked Tiffany and the accusers if they wanted it to be sealed or be made public.

Since John is still a minor, the parties agreed that the complaint should remain sealed because the photos in the lawsuit could identify him.

The two accusers, both siblings, allege that Tiffany told their mom she was taking them to auditions when in reality she was having them film “comedy” skits that were inappropriate.

The alleged victims are demanding unspecified damages. Tiffany and Aries have denied all allegations of wrongdoing.

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