ecg district offices in accra

The Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) has said it is working closely with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to ensure that challenges facing the institution are resolved.

Persons in parts of the country have bemoaned their inability to load credit onto the prepaid meters for the past few days.

Business owners have also decried the impact of the challenge on operations.

ECG on the other hand has attributed the difficulty to a technical hitch, assuring that efforts are underway to fix the problem.

In an interview with Citi News, the Public Relations Officer of PURC, Simon Ali said the Commission is liaising with ECG to avert a recurrence in the future.

“We have tasked all staff of the commission in all ECG operational areas to monitor the situation and report to the commission for further action to be taken on the unfortunate development. The Commission is also in talks with the service providers to put together a number of measures to prevent future occurrences of the current situation we find ourselves in now”, he said.

Last Tuesday, the ECG said a technical challenge has affected its prepaid metering systems, a development which has interrupted the purchase of electricity credit.

Both domestic and commercial who run out of power supply were not been able to make purchases due to the technical challenge.

But now, the utility service provider is now able to sell credit at its district offices after some disruption to its prepaid metering systems that left customers stranded.

Currently, customers in the Greater Accra, Central, Eastern, Western and Volta Regions can visit ECG district offices to purchase electricity.

ECG in a statement assured customers on its prepaid metering systems that its team “is working progressively to rectify the technical anomaly which affected the purchase of electricity.”

Some Electricity consumers have been counting their losses, with some saying their businesses have been affected negatively following their inability to purchase electricity.

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