InShot 20220930 131300157 Imbue 'Sim Card Blocking Vigour' Into Improving Internet Services -- Ursula Owusu advised

Former Member of Parliament(MP) for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak has called on the Communications Minister to rather focus energy on making the internet better in Ghana.

He is of the view that Internet services in Ghana is poor and will be better if energy is focused on making it good for the people of Ghana rather than blocking their sim cards.

Ras Mubarak made this known on the back of citizens expecting their sim cards to be blocked today by the National Communications Authority (NCA) since the deadline for registration is today September 30.

“Communications Minister Ursula Owusu should be focusing on making internet better and cheaper and not threatening to block people’s SIM cards. Internet in Ghana is crap and expensive. Ghanaians deserve better,” he said in a post shared on social media.

Communications Minister Ursula Owusu announced at a press briefing that she reluctantly extended the registration for sim cards to September 30 after several Ghanaians complained that they had not got the opportunity to register their sim cards.

To date, several Ghanaians do not have their sim cards registered because they do not have access to their Ghana Card.

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